Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mini Metaphysics Day University of Bristol

Mini-Metaphysics Day

A Workshop at the University of Bristol as part of the joint AHRC
Metaphysics of Science Project at Birmingham | Bristol | Nottingham.

Wednesday September 3rd 2008
Venue: Philosophy Common Room, 9 Woodland Road, Bristol, BS8 1TB, United

Convenors: Alexander Bird and Emma Tobin
Contact: Alexander.Bird@bristol.ac.uk or Emma.Tobin@bristol.ac.uk


Jill North (Yale)
Alice Drewery (Reading)
L.A. Paul (UNC, Chapel Hill)
Helen Beebee (Birmingham)
Jessica Wilson (Toronto)


09:30 Jill North "The Structure of Classical Mechanics"
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Alice Drewery "Necessary Laws in the Non-fundamental Sciences"
12:30 Lunch
13:30 L.A. Paul "The Handmaiden's Tale"
14:45 Break
15:00 Helen Beebee "Some problems for Bird's Dispositional Essentialism"
16:15 Tea
16:45 Jessica Wilson "Emergence: Weak and Strong"
18:00 Workshop dinner

Further Information can be found on the Workshop Website: