Wednesday, February 20, 2008

INPC - Carving Nature at Its Joints 15-17th March 2008

The Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference is a topic-focused, interdisciplinary conference co-sponsored by the Philosophy Departments at the University of Idaho and Washington State University.


Saturday morning through Monday afternoon: 15–17 March 2008
(the conference ends shortly before the 2008 Pacific APA)

Registration is now available.


Moscow, Idaho
(This year, the conference will be held entirely at UI, as the regular venue at WSU is undergoing renovation.)

Hotel Info: Our conference block at the hotel has officially expired, but I'm informed that there are still plenty of rooms available. Nevertheless, we recommend booking accommodation as soon as possible. See the Travel & Accommodation page for more information.


Peter Godfrey-Smith (Harvard), Keynote Speaker

Patrick Arens (University of Nebraska)
Matt Bedke (Arizona)
Alexander Bird (Bristol)
Corinne Bloch (Tel Aviv)
Andrea Borghini (Holy Cross)
Katherine Brading (Notre Dame)
Judith Crane (Southern Illinois Univeristy)
Troy Cross (Yale)
Michael Devitt (CUNY)
Bruce Glymour (Kansas State University)
Chris Haufe (Virginia Tech)
Jussi Haukioja (Academy of Finland)
Todd Jones (UNLV)
Daniel Korman (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)

Marc Lange (UNC Chapel Hill)
Noa Latham (Calgary)
Mike Maleki (Calgary)
Kris McDaniel (Syracuse)
Bence Nanay (Syracuse)
Karen Neander (Duke)
L.A. Paul (Arizona)
Rebekah Rice (Seattle Pacific University)
Jonathan Schaffer (UMass/ANU)
Roy Sorensen (Dartmouth)
Achille Varzi (Columbia)
Kadri Vihvelin (USC)
Neil Williams (Buffalo)


The Call for Papers is closed (as of 2nd January).


If you would like to act as a session chair or a commentator, please contact <> with your areas of competence.


Joseph Keim Campbell, Washington State University <>
Matthew H. Slater, University of Idaho <>
INPC co-directors

Further Information available on the conference webpage:

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